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Torchbearing Tutors

Torchbearing Tutors, launched in spring of 2023, brings fun and educational STEAM activities to our community! Fremont Robotics members come together to design custom-made curricula and create fun projects for our students. Our members volunteer to teach at six afterschool programs in the Sunnyvale Elementary School District, truly adopting the message of "passing the torch" and sharing their love for STEAM within our community. Our lessons require no prior experience and are designed for students of all ages, making it a great opportunity to collaborate and learn from others.  

Our Lessons
  • We Not Me
    Team Over Individual Team over individual Always consider: “How will this help or affect the team?” Contribute to the team’s needs Seek and respect input from others Delegate to share responsibility and positive experiences Address accomplishments as a communal effort, using the pronoun "we" Community Engagement Find ways to help others succeed through STEAM Do not focus solely on becoming successful as an individual, work towards the team's success
  • Be Courageous
    Embody excellence in yourself, in our team, and in everything we produce Question actions that are inconsistent with our values, even when it is not what others want to hear Be candid, with kindness Take smart risks Learn from failure Share ideas confidently
  • Everybody Belongs
    Respect everyone Create and support an inclusive environment where everyone feels that they belong Debate ideas, not people Uplift your teammates regardless of differences in opinion and identity Invite others to participate Check in on your peers
  • Act with Integrity
    Do the right thing, especially when inconvenient Own up to mistakes and errors and work towards fixing them Operate with openness Be direct, but professional Remind and support each other in maintaining these values
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