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Business and Marketing (BaM)

Aside from the technical side of robotics, our team also puts an incredible amount of time and effort into the business and media aspect of robotics. Relations within the FIRST community, our school, and on a global scale, as well as designing and producing the content we share with the world via social media and our website are just a few of the many responsibilities of non-technical members. To name some additional places our members put hard work into, organizing outreach events in the community, responsibly managing finances, and writing ranging from a newsletter to grants still does not cover the wide range of experience our members are gaining. These skills will give them experience in networking and marketing that will provide them with skills to use in their future careers, as well as enable the team as a whole to extend our reach in teaching the worldwide community about STEAM.

The Importance of BaM

Business and Marketing is integral to the very fabric and function of robotics. From business, to media, and events, every subteam has advanced the broader impact of Fremont High Robotics collectively. Originally known as Finance and Marketing & Public Relations, the BaM team operates across all competition teams at Fremont High Robotics and bridges the gap between teams to collectively achieve our common goals. We are proud to boast a cross-team BaM team with diverse skills and talents, allowing people to specialize in the areas they’re passionate about and free flow between projects. The creativity and possibilities are limitless, and the BaM team continually strives to reach new heights, broadening our impact on the world around us.

Team Structure

Business Subteam

The Business subteam manages finances through budget organization, maintains our sponsor relations with newsletters and other forms of representation in our competition branding. They are also responsible for interacting with judges during competition. Students learn professional and informative writing, consistent documentation, and public relations.

Event Subteam

The Events subteam coordinates local community outreach events for both FTC and FRC year-round. They build relations with schools and organizations to hold demonstrations and informative presentations. Students learn planning and effective and professional communication with the public.

Media Subteam

The Media subteam upholds team imagery & branding within annual documentation and themed merchandise. They also manage the website and social media regularly. At events and competition, they are responsible for photography and videography. Students learn graphic design with professional tools and gain artistic sense and consistency.

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